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LabFinder Launches New Partnership with PCG Molecular To Offer Innovative New Tests to Network

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"LabFinder strongly believes the technology-centered relationship between our organization and PCG Molecular is the next step forward in developing nationwide, test-to-treat protocols that will enhance preventative care for generations to come," LabFinder's mission is to empower patients to access the care they deserve and become advocates for their own health. PCG Molecular's extensive suite of medical testing and their advancement

of healthcare products currently in the research and development phases aligns strongly with our organizational purpose. We're excited to see where this partnership will take us."


 Dr. Robert Segal, MD, the CEO, and co-founder of LabFinder. 

Dedication & superior service

PCG Molecular is dedicated to the research and development of genetic, molecular screens that detect early signs of DNA and cellular damage that can lead to health risks. The tests are easy to administer, often covered by health insurance, affordable and non-invasive to the patient.


The company believes in patient and doctor education regarding preventive care and makes results and next steps easy to understand. Partnering with PCG Molecular provides practitioners with business models that incent proactive versus reactive care and work within everyday practice processes. 

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In-Network Managed Care Partnerships 

PCG Molecular offers coverage for our services through a magnitude of health plan contracts enabling our patients to get the service they need. 


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