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Gynecological Health

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"To identify a patient as a carrier or at risk only after the patient develops cancer is a failure of cancer prevention"

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The FDA-cleared PCG Molecular panels test for viruses, bacteria, parasites, yeast, and antimicrobial resistance genes. PCG Molecular can deliver conclusive results, quickly — whether you're looking for the best course of treatment for a patient who has developed precancerous lesions or trying to identify which respiratory infection is sickening a young child.

Oral One PAP®

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Bella One PAP®


Cysto One PAP®


Respiratory One PAP®


Joint One PAP®


Gastrointestinal One PAP®


Anal One PAP®


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a little about us 

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, PCG Molecular announced they would expand it's operations by creating north Georgia's largest COVID-19
testing and vaccine facility. PCG was able to see up to 2,000 patients a day while delivering fast and accurate results and vaccinating many people in the community. PCG became the go-to place for the community to get tested in the north Atlanta area. The operation lasted over a year. The company has resumed to it's molecular testing and pathology services, however, PCG is prepared for any potential future pandemic. 

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