Leading the way in Oncology and Infectious Diseases Diagnostics

filling the preventive care gaps

detecting cancer and infectious disease before it becomes life-threatening 

PCG molecular strives to change the way we practice health care. That means keeping patients healthy by screening them responsibly and regularly. Our company aspires to move patients and practitioners away from reactive care and into a proactive mindset that saves lives and improves the outcomes for many more.

When our doctors and lab technicians look at developing new and innovative molecular screens we look at the following underlying principles: Will it provide the medical community and their patients with a preventive screening test that does not exist for certain cancers and diseases? Will it catch disease before it has become stage three or four cancer that is irreversible and devastating? Will it help to prevent the spread of viruses or aid in their treatment if diagnosed? Will it identify those who are at higher risk for developing a disease or a cancer so they can be watched more closely by their practitioners? And finally, is it less invasive or more effective than current test? 


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“ What we do in the medical laboratories is take our scientific knowledge, our medical knowledge, our understanding of the technology, and create a procedure, a recipe we follow that has a protocol, and then we go through that procedure, producing a result, and then interpreting it "



Armando Moncada, MD, FCAP 

CEO & Founder

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