New to Prevention Testing? Here’s What You Need To Know

While there are tests that screen for genetic disorders or diseases, preventing the onset of disease or disorder begins with early detection methods that safeguard DNA and cellular health. Imagine being able to see if something alarming is happening inside you or your patient’s body before symptoms appear.

Here are 3 innovative tests that continue to help patients and doctors prevent illnesses.

Cysto One PAP 1.0 - Urinary & Infectious Disease Panel

Over 83 million doctor visits have been made over Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) annually in the US while there are 83,000 bladder cancer diagnoses per year.

One of the most effective ways to detect and diagnose cancer is using the Cysto One PAP test. Urinary bladder cancers, both mild and high-grade urinary tract infections, as well as sexually transmitted illnesses. It’s one simple test, providing a simpler screening for patients.

Bella One PAP 1.0 - Infectious Disease Panel

According to the CDC, Cervical cancer can be avoided in up to 93% of cases but despite this, 33% of the 12,000 women diagnosed each year will die.

The first test to be approved by the FDA is the Bella One PAP. The reproductive system and overall health of women might be permanently damaged by gynecological diseases, which are often unnoticed – making it even more vital for those who are sexually active to be tested on a regular basis.

The Bella Pap, unlike normal PAP smears, is a thorough test that gives you a complete picture of your health.

The PCG Molecular® Respiratory 2.1 (RP2.1) Panel

Patients and clinicians are concerned about SARS-CoV-2, although there are numerous respiratory viruses that might cause symptoms that are almost identical.

This test employs a syndromic technique to properly detect and identify the microorganisms that cause respiratory illnesses in the first place. It is quick and easy to use, with a run time of roughly 45 minutes, allowing high efficiency and productivity.

The truth is that preventing disease and illness is more economical than treating it after it occurs. Prevention is a powerful weapon in the fight against public health challenges.

PCG Molecular provides a range of preventive care solutions to help catch problems as early as possible and improve patient outcomes for patients of any age. Our laboratory works with both serving practitioners and specialists, offering a truly customized service based on your needs and your practice model.

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