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Billing Information

Explanation of Charges

Payment Arrangements

Insurance Information

If your physician has requested a laboratory test (such as a COVID-19 test or Pap smear) or consultation, you may receive a billing statement from PCG Molecular.


Initially, PCG Molecular submits a claim to the insurance carrier identified by your physician or hospital. Once your insurance has processed the claim, you should receive an Explanation of Benefits from your insurance. This is NOT a bill. You do not need to pay anything until you receive a statement from PCG Molecular. PCG Molecular will forward a statement to you showing the application of any payments and insurance adjustments. The remaining balance may represent your deductible, coinsurance, or the cost of non-covered services, and is your responsibility. In all cases, payment is due within 30 days from the statement date.


Please remember that insurance plans have varying benefit levels and only you can be sure your insurance company processed your claim according to your plan provisions. If you feel your claim was processed incorrectly, please contact your insurance company.




Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. EST (Mon-Fri)




We understand you may be experiencing financial hardship during the COVID-19 crisis. Our Patient Billing Services team is here to help.


We have implemented the following updates to our normal billing and collection practices for all patients during this unprecedented time:


  • Patient billing statements continue to be mailed/emailed per PCG Molecular's normal practice.

  • We do not allow discounts. 

  • For patients needing additional time to make payments on accounts, PCG molecular will offer a 60-day grace period.

  • Outstanding balances will be referred to our collection agency per the usual policy (i.e., no response from the patient after 90 days); however, the collection agency will follow the same guidelines listed above for patients needing more time to pay the balance due.

  • We only offer 60 day payment plans. 


The PCG Molecular companies that bill for medical services include:

  • PCG Molecular, LLC

  • PCG Molecular Pathology Group, LLC

Bills from PCG Molecular, LLC are generally for outpatient laboratory testing (such as biopsies and Pap smears) performed at your physician’s office or a surgery center as well as technical processing of specimens from other physicians or hospitals.


Bills from PCG Molecular Pathology Group, PLLC, our hospital-based pathology practice, are for the professional services relating to laboratory testing performed at various area hospitals. If you recently had a hospital encounter (either inpatient or outpatient), you may very likely receive a bill from PCG Molecular as our pathologists direct several hospital laboratories.

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