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PCG Molecular does not sell our patients’ personal information. Like most websites, our websites use cookies and other technologies to interact with third parties and service providers for things like website analytics and advertising. 


Our Cookie Notice describes how you can control cookies and other tracking technologies on our websites. You must take the actions described in our Cookie Notice to exercise this control, as we are not able to do it for you. We will be offering a tool on our websites to simplify this process, so please check back soon for updates.

We have also set up a process for Georgia residents to record their preference to opt-out of the sharing of their personal information with third parties in the future, in the unlikely event we would ever decide to do so. Please 


Please note, recording your Georgia opt-out preference will NOT change the way cookies work on our websites; you must take the action described in our Cookie Notice to do that. Recording your Georgia opt-out preferences will also NOT unsubscribe you from receiving text messages or email communications from PCG Molecular. All consumers and Georgia residents can do that as directed in any text you receive from us, or by clicking the unsubscribe link in commercial email communications you receive from us.

For further information about the Georgia Consumer Privacy Act, or our privacy practices generally, please visit the Privacy section of our website.

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