COVID-19 Testing


PCG Molecular promises to deliver innovative genetic screening solutions with care and compassion, with the purpose of helping you understand the future of your health. 

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COVID-19 Testing Options

PCR Test

Nasopharyngeal Swab
or Saliva Test

results in 24 hours or less

Antibody Test

Finger Stick Whole Blood Collection 

results in 15 minutes  

For saliva test, please do not eat or drink 1 hour before your test is administered.

Be sure to fill out intake forms sent to your email once you request your appointment !

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Need Your Results as a QR Code?

Follow the directions below 

1. Once your results have been emailed to you, save the PDF to your files on your phone or tablet.

2. Click the link and upload your PDF. 

3. A QR code will then be generated.