Monkeypox (Orthopoxvirus), DNA, PCR Test

Monkeypox PCR Test

PCG Molecular now offers an FDA-cleared test for monkeypox, giving you and your patients the answers they need now.


Oral One PAP - Infectious Disease Panel

Oral One PAP™
genetic molecular oral test

The Oral One PAP™ is a comprehensive screening of a range of infectious diseases particularly oral infections that are transmitted orally.

Cysto One PAP - Urinary & Infectious Disease Panel

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The Cysto One PAP™ is a molecular test to screen and diagnose low and high grade urinary bladder malignancies as well as urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases.


Bella One PAP - Infectious Disease Panel

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The Bella One PAP™ is the first FDA-approved test to screen not only for 14 high-risk strains of HPV, but also for other sexually transmitted infections that pose a threat to women’s health.

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Anal One PAP - Cancer Test

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genetic molecular anal test

The Anal One PAP™ not only shows whether you have anal cancer, but also if your in a higher risk category to contract it. It’s an innovative genetic test that screens for anal cancer and its risk factors in three ways.


Respiratory One PAP Panel - Infectious Disease Panel

molecular respiratory panel

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SARS-CoV-2 is a top concern for patients and clinicians, but several respiratory pathogens can cause nearly indistinguishable symptoms. The FDA De Novo authorized PCG Molecular RP2.1 Panel is a frontline test to help clinicians quickly diagnose respiratory infections, including COVID-19, influenza, RSV, and many others.

G.I One PAP Panel

genetic gastroenteritis test

The PCG Molecular GI Panel tests stool specimens for common pathogens associated with gastroenteritis. Quickly identifying the correct pathogen can ensure appropriate treatment, improve patient management, and help detect infectious gastroenteritis which can lead to severe illness or death.

G.I One PAP - Gastroenteritis Test