Anatomic pathology laboratory teams like pcg molecular follow robust processes using the same platforms across the global network of labs to assure consistent data. In-house automated stainers manage routine H&E staining as well as more specialized staining. Highly trained histotechnologists follow strict and exacting manual staining processes to assure consistent results.


Analysis of this high-content data allows comparison of pre- and post-treatment tissue to help assess and predict therapeutic efficacy in specific disease states or in specific patient populations. Digital pathology services are designed to enhance efficiency and provide near real-time access to images. 

Pathology services are provided by a global team of pathologists with experience across a broad array of pathology sub-specialties and disease states, including liver disease, women’s health, and a full spectrum of oncology (including hematopathology, breast and GI pathology, uropathology and dermatopathology). 


PCG Molecular's premier urology practice excels in diagnosing and treating problems involving the male and female urinary tract male reproductive organs. 



We provide services for radiologists, surgeons, and oncologists in the area of breast disease treatment and management. Our team facilitates the full spectrum of care, including services for interventional radiologists, breast surgeons, and breast oncologists.

Breast Pathology


 PCG Molecular offers a combination of industry-leading GI pathology and liver disease expertise and world-class GI pathology services, delivered right in your community.


PCG Molecular provides you with the expert analysis you need to diagnose your patients’ skin problems and develop the best treatment plans.


PCG Molecular is dedicated to women’s health care. We specialize in gynecologic pathology, particularly in oncologic and hormone related pathology within the GYN Pathology field.