LabFinder Launches New Partnership with PG Molecular To Offer

Innovative New Tests to Network


The collaboration furthers LabFinder's mission of empowering consumers to take control of their preventative health


NEW YORK, NY, May 5, 2022 ( - Today, LabFinder, the digital platform that empowers

consumers to find in-network doctors, labs and imaging centers, schedule diagnostic tests, and view and

store test results, announced the expansion of its lab test offering through a partnership with PCG

Molecular. The Atlanta-based preventive care diagnostic company is dedicated to the research and

development of genetic, molecular screens to facilitate early detection of health issues and provide

practitioners with solutions for managing disease.

The partnership will allow LabFinder to expand its test offerings to include PCG Molecular's suite of

innovative new tests, first in the Atlanta market and then nationally.


"Today, healthcare consumers are more involved in their medical decision-making than ever before.

COVID-19 has disrupted the traditional 'go-to-the-doctor' model, and empowered people to manage their

own preventative health, antigen and genetic testing," said Armando Moncada, MD FCAP and Chief

Executive Officer of PCG Molecular. "In LabFinder, we have found a partner that has an incredible staff and

business model that will allow our organizations to innovate the world of direct-to-consumer testing,

providing individuals with the resources to take important preventative measures in their health care."

"LabFinder strongly believes the technology-centered relationship between our organization and PCG

Molecular is the next step forward in developing nationwide, test-to-treat protocols that will enhance

preventative care for generations to come," said Dr. Robert Segal, MD, the CEO, and co-founder of

LabFinder." LabFinder's mission is to empower patients to access the care they deserve and become

advocates for their own health. PCG Molecular's extensive suite of medical testing and their advancement

of healthcare products currently in the research and development phases aligns strongly with our

organizational purpose. We're excited to see where this partnership will take us."


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