Bella One PAP

The Bella One PAP is a FDA-approved test to screen for presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA along with genotyping for high risk strains of HPV.

The molecular panel also screens for presence of sexually transmitted infections and bacterial vaginosis pathogens that pose a threat to women's health. Often symptom-less, these gynecological conditions can cause irreversible damage to women’s reproductive system and overall health making it all the more important for sexually active women to be tested regularly.


Boost Effectiveness of Patient Testing

Awareness about the link between HPV and cervical cancer has grown exponentially – leading to earlier detection and prevention. The CDC estimates that up to 93 percent of cervical cancers can be prevented. And yet, 33 percent of the 14,000 women who are diagnosed annually will die.

Why Bella One PAP?

The Bella One PAP screens for presence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) DNA as well as precancerous cells to determine whether a woman is at high-risk for developing cervical precancerous or cancerous conditions. – in addition Bella One Pap is design to test for a host of other infectious gynecological conditions.

The Bella One PAP® Panel Menu

Overall 100% sensitivity and 99.8% specificity 
Sample Type: Cervical Vaginal 

STI Molecular Panel

BV Molecular Panel

Chlamydia trachomatis 

Trichomonas vaginalis 

Neisseria gonorrhoeae 

Mycoplasma genitalium

Mycoplasma hominis 

Ureaplasma urealyticum 

Ureaplasma parvum 

Herpes simplex virus 

type 1 & 2 (HSV1 + HSV2) 

Gardnerella vaginalis

Prevotella bivia

Atopobium vaginae

Mobiluncus curtisii

Bacteroides fragilis

 Megasphaera Type 1


Bacterial vaginosis

associated bacteria 2

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